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Fastener Exhibition & Conference 2022

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Fastener Exhibition & Conference

Event Date (s):09/14/2022 - 09/15/2022
Venue:NEC, Birm

The Fastener Expo: A complete international showcase of market leading fastener & fixing technologies

The Fastener Expo reaches every corner of the industry to provide a platform for the latest products, innovations, and industry insights shaping the future of the fastener and fixing industry. This unique two day event boasts cutting-edge distributors and manufacturers, all intending to effectively tackle business demand.

The Fastener Expo provides a platform for the latest products, innovations, and industry insights shaping the future of the fastener and fixing industry. It also acts as a trading forum and networking environment, offering valuable insights into future technologies and market trends. In order to connect with manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and suppliers from all areas of fastener and fixing technology register to attend to grow your network and stay ahead of the competition.


Leading Exhibitors


Influential Visitors


Senior Management

The Fastener Expo is not one to miss if you are a business, manufacturer, or distributor in need of the latest fastener and fixing products or services!

First look at exclusive product launches and innovative new technologies

Networking opportunities with professionals and key decision makers from across the world, expect companies such as Rolls-Royce, Toolstream, and Siemens

Explore cutting-edge exhibitors, from industry giants to innovative startups, these exhibitors offer the latest products and services needed to tackle effective business demand

A Free Ticket gains you access to almost an entire industry in one room - you can’t miss the largest UK industry gathering for fastener and fixing technology professionals!


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